Yoga With Nataly


Saturday Salutations

Nataly found yoga a few years ago and immediately fell in love its calming and therapeutic qualities. Before she knew it, she became a teacher in order to share all its benefits with her students. Her personal teaching style is very adaptive, upbeat, and therapeutic. Her favorite part of teaching is finding ways to make her students' bodies feel better. Our daily patterns of sitting and repetitive motion have adverse effects on our bodies and she firmly believes that yoga has the power to alleviate these effects.

Nataly received her 200 Hr. RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification in Embodyoga(®) , which is an in depth and inclusive approach to the ancient science of yoga. It teaches us to become aware of our bodies down to a much deeper level through physical postures, breathing practices, and meditation.

She continues to build on her skills through constant learning and is in the process of receiving her 500 Hr. RYT certification.